The report about resettlement of Syrian refugees troubled me (Gazette, October 17, 'County to host more Syrian refugees').

Why are our tax pounds and council tax pounds being used in this way when all over the country, including Cumbria and in particular my home town of Kendal, has seen a rise in homelessness and poverty?

How are we able to house these people when there are such lamentably long waiting lists for affordable rented homes for locals who, although in employment, are paying exorbitant rents to private landlords?

Why do we as a country and region chose to support foreign refugees but are unwilling to address the growing problem of homelessness and families having to resort to using food banks?

I realise the virtue-signalling elites will attempt to label me racist but, as a volunteer for my local homeless charity in Kendal, I see the reality of how we fail to look after our own people first (regardless of social or ethnic status) and anyone who knows me understands I don’t discriminate against others.

In the 21st century and in such a prosperous town we need to examine our priorities.

Our own people's problems should be our priority. There should never be people without a safe place to sleep in the UK.

One final word: I vote Lib Dem but even they have not addressed this issue.

Paul Naylor