WE ALL know about climate change and are encouraged to do our bit to help, such as using our cars less and travelling on public transport.

How can we, when another rural bus route is set to be axed: the Flookburgh, Grange, Levens to Kendal bus route number 530?

Will someone please tell the people who plan the bus routes that money does not mix with climate change - there is no plan or planet B.

This morning I received a letter from Barclays Bank to say I will be unable to withdraw cash over the counter at our local post office from January 2020. I can, though, withdraw cash at one of their branches.

Barclays closed their branch in Grange and there is no direct bus service to Kendal from Flookburgh after the end of this month.

Two shops in Flookburgh - Fat Flour Bakery and the fish-and-chip and Chinese shop - take only cash.

I think we will be going by car to Preston to visit Barclays bank, do our shopping (instead of in Kendal) and fill the car up with more diesel.

So much for doing our bit for climate change.

Elizabeth Pursell