KENDAL Nursery School was described as “magical” as it was once again deemed ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted.

The nursery, known to generations of Kendalians as ‘Brantfield’, received the grading for the third successive inspection.

The Ofsted team highlighted the strength of the school’s outdoor provision, referring to it as “enchanting”.

The report stated: “It allows children to explore, have adventures and take risks safely. If needed, staff are always on hand to offer them support.”

The inspectors referred to a particular instance where a group of children built a bridge and pretended to be the ‘Billy Goats Gruff’, saying: “They challenged themselves to jump off the bridge.

“For the first jump they held an adult’s hand. Then, as they got braver, they excitedly jumped on their own.”

A variety of other aspects of school life were praised. The inspectors said opportunities for children to learn mathematical skills were “everywhere”, including in the outdoors, where children counted conkers and twigs.

The report added children were taught about different faiths, while “stories, books and reading” were “central” to what the nursery did. Parents, it was noted, “(could) not praise staff enough”.

Head teacher Alyssa Dobbs said: “If you’re a child, it’s where you want to be.

“It gives them the chance to just be children, enjoy life, enjoy the outdoors and make friends.”

She added: “I have a long drive, and I come here and I come into the garden and they say: ‘Alyssa, come here, come do this’.

“It just makes your day - it’s lovely.”

Nicola Kitchen, a teacher at Brantfield, said the nursery offered a “range of experiences” to “inspire young minds.”