I WENT up town to buy new shoes and decided to see what all the chatter was about with this supposedly poor Kendal Christmas tree.

I thought it couldn't be as bad as people kept saying. How wrong I was!

It just doesn't look anything like a real Christmas fir tree. It's scruffy, thin, poor, a drab colour and looks as though it's been dying a long time before it was even cut. The decorations are very few and there's no real sparkle or Christmas feeling at all with this poor specimen in the Market Place.

I went to the Westmorland Shopping Centre to buy shoes, and inside is full of Christmas feeling and sparkle, really good.

I thought I heard somewhere recently that our council was trying to promote Kendal, but if this tree is anything to go by I think they should be ashamed of themselves. I know I would be if I had to say that was our best effort for a decorated Christmas tree for the festive season.

Dave Jeffrey


Editor's note: the Gazette contacted Kendal Town Council and here is its response:

“We are disappointed to hear Mr Jeffrey’s views on the Christmas tree, especially in light of the fact the tree and its decorations have been the same for the last couple of years.

"The tree is real and we use a local supplier who is also used by many towns and villages across South Lakeland. The tree is covered in lights to the point there’s not much room for any more.

We had hoped to work with the South Cumbria breast screening programme to place their baubles on the tree but unfortunately it could not be arranged in time. We have invested in new motifs and lights to new areas of the town in the last few years but we are happy to consider the Christmas tree decorations next year.

"We would point out that the Westmorland Shopping Centre is a private company and the council is limited by its budget, and its precept would have to rise to fund more lights/decorations.”