PLANS to moor up to ten boats on Grasmere for holiday accommodation have been submitted by the lake's owner.

The Lowther Estate Trust is seeking consent to locate the "gentleman's yachts" in the south-east part of Grasmere.

Described as boats, not houseboats, each 40-feet-long vessel would feature a deck and cabin with kitchen, toilet and sleeping quarters large enough for six people.

According to plans lodged with the Lake District National Park Authority, holidaymakers would board the yachts by rowing boat and stay overnight for up to one week.

"The boats are capable of cruising at a moment’s notice and anchorage anywhere on Grasmere overnight," state the plans by the Lowther Estate Trust.

The plans add: "Each boat is capable of sustaining itself for about one week before needing new food supplies. All waste will be collected on-board. No sewerage or grey water will be discharged into the lake."

Guests would park their cars at one of three car parks located at nearby White Moss Common and owned by the Lowther Estate Trust. They would then walk to the embarkation point. The closest car park is 750 metres away from the proposed moorings.

No jetties or pontoons are proposed, and the yachts would not be connected to services such as electricity.

The six-berth gentleman's yachts are described as having a single engine with five-horsepower electric motor. They would measure up to 40 feet long (12.2 metres) and 12 feet (3.6 metres) across at their widest point.

The Lowther Estate Trust is seeking a certificate of lawfulness to moor the boats on the Grasmere for recreational use and overnight holiday accommodation.

It says the character and appearance of the 61-hectare freshwater lake, which is entirely owned by the Lowther Estate, would not be materially changed by the plans.

The lake is primarily used for sailing, rowing and fishing, it adds, and boats huts are scattered around the edge of the water.