A TEENAGER determined to do her part to encourage people to lead more sustainable lives has opened a zero-waste shop in Kendal.

17-year-old Amy Bray, founder of Environment charity Another Way and Cumbria’s Woman of The Year has been campaigning to raise awareness about climate change.

She opened her first shop Another Weigh in Penrith and due to its roaring success has gone on to open her second store in Kendal.

Situated on Blackhall Yard on Stricklandgate South Lakes MP Tim Farron and Kendal Town Mayor attended the opening ceremony on Saturday.

Another Weigh sells products ranging from cereals, pulses, snacks and pasta to cloth sanitary pads, toiletries, cleaning liquids and much more.

All customers need to do is bring their own containers and fill them with exactly how much they want of each dispense product.

Each product bought helps to minimise waste and reduces the cost to the customer as well as eliminating the use of plastic bags.

“This year, through the significantly raised awareness of the impact humans are having on the environment, waste and the misuse of single use plastics has become a focus for us all,” said Miss Bray.

“Change is happening and together we can move into 2020 knowing more and being ever more prepared to protect our planet.

“For me the opening of Another Weigh in Kendal is the perfect end to a perfect year in my continued quest to encourage people to live more sustainably.”

The shop will be managed by Anne-Marie Sanderson who has long been passionate about sustainability and ecologically responsible ways of living for a long time.

“The goal of Another Weigh is to help the community become sustainable in every day habits at great prices,” she said. “I am delighted to be part of the movement to reduce waste here in Kendal.”

Kendal Mayor Alvin Finch,said: “Everything we can do to support our environment is key. Another Weigh is a great initiative that not only works for waste reduction but also brings the community together in doing so.”