HUMILITY would seem to be a dying attitude of mind.

In these days of self-promoting, aggressive social media, no-one wants to gracefully step back and admit that they might be wrong.

'Free speech' for some people appears to mean that they are allowed to express their opinion but you aren't allowed to express yours. This is a warped state of affairs which is setting people against one another and is being hyped up by the media. It can affect all our lives detrimentally.

If someone had said ten years ago that the issue of whether to be in the EU or not would release hatred and violence, they would have been told it couldn't happen. It is unfortunately a sign of our times.

Yet looking round the world, we are lucky, we think, to live in a 'free country'. So what does that actually mean? This freedom is precious and is less to do with opinions and more to do with people.

What if we agreed with our neighbours for a change, or at least made allowances for them? What is we showed more love, and were more grateful for the things we already have in our lives? We could choose to have a more positive attitude which would be infectious, life-affirming and important in developing real freedoms.

We are all different, but differences can be celebrated and made into something for the good of all.

A Creek Indian said: "I see that I am not one voice, but many: all sounds, all colours, all fears, all loves."

Mike Humphreys

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints