IN THIS week in the Gazette - 100, 50 and 25 years ago:

100 YEARS AGO - 1920

TWO Silverdale farmers have been summoned and fined for selling milk without having their names inscribed on the cans in which it was conveyed. One of them asserted that they had been engaged in this business in this way for 14 years, had never been interfered with and had remained perfectly ignorant of the law.

50 YEARS AGO - 1970

OPTIMISTIC predictions about the future of Kendal were given by the borough surveyor at the town council’s planning committee meeting. Lorry traffic was having a “tremendously adverse affect on the town” but he felt people should not be anxious about this in the future with the opening of the bypasses on either side of Kendal.

25 YEARS AGO - 1995

GEOLOGISTS have discovered the fossilised footprints of one of the first creatures to emerge from the sea 450 million years ago. The trail of a centipede was found in sedimentary rock on the banks of the River Lickle, Broughton Mills, near Broughton-in-Furness during a survey in South Lakeland by an Edinburgh-based British Geological Survey team. Another set of prints was also unearthed further north, at the head of Borrowdale.