The first landmark to be announced on the Lakes’ new official Monopoly game has been revealed.

Several charities will get to ‘Pass GO’ on the new board, following a public vote that attracted more than 2,000 nominations.

The first to be announced, ahead of the launch in April, is the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association (LDSAMRA).

The charity, the umbrella organisation for the 12 mountain rescue teams in the Lakes, will be up for grabs in the game at one hundred and fifty Monopoly dollars.

The LDSAMRA will get to feature on one of the game’s two utility slots on a location all of its very own.

And a delighted Richard Warren from the charity said it was a huge 'honour' to have been nominated by the public.

he new unique version and twist on the world’s most famous board game is being timed to hit the shops in time for this Easter.

The game will feature more than 30 Lakes landmarks which will replace the famous London Monopoly streets like Mayfair and Park Lane.

Many of the Chance and Community Chest cards will be themed too. And all of the tokens will be customised with Lakes’ themed tokens including a motor boat and umbrella.

“A huge congratulations to the Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association who proved very popular in the voting - and many thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate and vote in the poll,” said George Shrimpton, custom games executive at Winning Moves UK - who are producing this game under official licence from the Monopoly brand, owned by Hasbro.

“The LDSAMRA will get to feature on one of the two utility spaces in the game – we feel this is an appropriate position in the game, with them being such an integral and very big part of the Lakes community and an absolutely essential utility and function to the region."

The LDSAMRA will be on the Electric Company square.

Richard Warren, chairman of the LDSAMRA, said: “It is wonderful that the public has thought of us when voting for this honour.

“We are to the Lake District what the MONOPOLY brand is to the family gaming world and could not be more pleased. A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. The Lake District Search and Mountain Rescue Association (LDSAMRA) is an umbrella organisation that represents the 12 teams that stand ready to help the emergency services and the public. We are available whenever and wherever we are needed, 365 days a year."