I SEE from the Gazette that the construction of the replacement bridge at Gooseholme, Kendal, is to be delayed

until “at least 2021” (Gazette, January 30, 'Delay in replacing old bridge').

Reasons reported are objections from two sources - namely, Friends of the Lake District and the Open Spaces Organisation. The objections raised relate to the amount of space to be taken up in the approaches that would impinge on New Road Common.

As the bridge was to be constructed in such a way to provide cycle and wheelchair access, then a larger approach is a necessary, which is quite understandable. However, the area concerned is hardly an amount to cause concern.

The other unfortunate delay relates to the lack of permission from the Planning Inspectorate.

I have queried both these matters with Cumbria County Council but have had no response as yet.

My concern is a great deal of time and effort has been put into the availability of construction contractors to facilitate, together the timescales involved, and more importantly, to tie in with the Environment Agency's flood defences to the town.

I just find the delays in both projects to be unacceptable, bearing in mind permission has been granted and funding is in place.

Surely the importance of alleviating damage by a repeat of Storm Desmond is paramount to the town?

Duncan Macbeth