A CAMPAIGNER is calling for Ulverston station to become step-free in a bid to accommodate wheelchair-users.

Tony Jennings, 53, of Ford Park Crescent, is urging stations to become more inclusive by making platforms accessible to all passengers.

Mr Jennings, who is a member of Northern Rail User Accessiblity Group, said Ulverston station needs to take steps to improve the platform's disability access.

He said: "Ulverston station is lovely but it’s disappointing it’s not fully accessible and step free to all the platforms, especially as it serves a population of 13,000.

"This is an issue which doesn't just affect disabled people, it impacts those who have mobility issues or use buggies who want to access the platform independently."

Currently, if a wheelchair-user had to access platform two, which is across the steps, a barrow crossing placed across the track would have to be used.

This would require station assistance, which is only available from 7am until 8pm.

Mr Jennings said this makes wheelchair-users feel excluded.

"I want to go out after 8pm and use the train, which I can't," he said.

"It's really limiting as to what you can do. I want the freedom and same choices as everyone else."

Mr Jennings is working with local councillors and the MP to transform Ulverston station into a disability-friendly space.

A spokesman for Northern said: “Accessibility is a priority for Northern and we are committed to making our network as user-friendly and as inclusive as possible.

“As part of an industry-wide Passenger Assist program, we encourage our customers who may require assistance when travelling on our services, to contact us before they travel on 0808 156 1606 to see how we can help.

“We are also working to further educate and inform our staff about accessibility issues and how they can provide the best possible assistance to our customers.

“We are in the early stages of a modernisation programme that will make Northern’s trains and stations more accessible to all.

“Sadly these changes cannot be introduced overnight and our network currently contains trains and stations which were not designed to meet the needs of all customers.

"We do, however, aim to provide the best possible service and want to hear from our customers when journeys have fallen short of expectations.”