MOTORISTS experienced delays of up to five hours on journeys across the county because of snowfall overnight.

Drivers along the A66 were those that were affected the most, with one wagon driver stuck in standstill traffic for five hours.

Nick Kirkpatrick left Kirkby Stephen at about 4am yesterday morning and by 11am he still hadn't reached Scotch Corner - a journey that would normally take about an hour.

Mr Kirkpatrick explained: "We've been sat here in stationary traffic for five hours.

"We got out at one point and had a snowball fight because there was nothing else to do.

"At one point about four inches of snow came down in an hour.

"It's just desperate.

"In some places there is at least one foot of snow."

Mr Kirkpatrick said that most of the problems he experienced were near to the Durham side.

"There's a lot of accidents along the way," continued Mr Kirkpatrick.

"We've been trying to turn wagons around on the road.

"Recovery vehicles cannot get through because traffic is at a standstill.

"Wagon drivers have been out with their shovels doing the best they can."

Wagon drivers all pooled together to try and clear some of the snow from the roads.

Highways England closed the route from A1, Scotch Corner and the M6, junction 40, Penrith.

Chris Wright was another motorists that was stuck in standstill traffic along the route.

Travelling from Darlington to Carlisle he experienced several hours of delays.

Mr Wright explained: "It's not good, police on foot told me that we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

"There's two to three miles of traffic in front of me and many miles behind.

"I left around 200m distance between me and a van in font because I knew there was a lorry coming over the hill behind me, he managed to stop but five vehicles back two cars had crashed.

"Speaking to the lorry driver behind me, he's only been driving for five months and was struggling to stop.

"I have food, blankets, two warm coats, a hat, scarf and full tank of diesel.

"Lots of people I've spoken to don't know what is happening.

"I've explained to some people that I have spoken to police and we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Even if we do get going the road ahead is impassable."

Highways England advised all motorists to take extra care when travelling, to allow plenty of extra time to complete any journey and to consider whether your journey is absolutely necessary before setting out.