A MARRIED pair of world record breakers became only the second ever married couple to conquer Mount Everest.

As part of University Mental Health Day on 5 March, Lakes-based adventurers Pauline and Phil Sanderson shared a journey starting at the Dead Sea, cycling 5,000 miles across eight countries before reaching Tibet to climb Everest.

Pauline said: “Some people see challenges as overwhelming. However, if you break them down, they are the same as so many of the everyday things we face in life. For instance, getting to the start line of university is full of planning, preparations, tests and trepidation, mixed with excitement and fear of failure.

“Getting fit and having a focus is a big distraction from overthinking. Endorphins are produced during exercise, leading to positive feelings.

“We know students can struggle and want to do what we can to bring some constructive messages.”

The couple say Everest was the hardest challenge in terms of consequences for any mistakes.