READING the Gazette of March 5 covering the Vision for Kendal report ('A blueprint') I was surprised to see Hallgarth referred to as having “poor public transport links”.

In reality it has a half-hourly bus service which, for a town of Kendal’s size, is pretty good and one of the town’s most frequent. It is provided at no cost or financial risk to the taxpayer.

Hallgarth is built on a hill and the bus makes its way right around the estate offering very accessible travel to all, particularly disabled people.

All UK buses (not coaches) are, by law, fully accessible for disabled people. The railway, in contrast, is right on the edge of the estate at the bottom of the hill and has a sporadic service. To suggest this would provide a better service is, frankly, insulting to the folks living in Hallgarth, particularly the disabled.

If the rest of the report is as ill researched, I can only hope not too much money has been spent on it.

Roger Davies