A computer design specialist is putting his experience working with video games to use for firms in Cumbria.

Patrick Deterville began his business Northern CGI in August after studying video game design at the University of Cumbria in Carlisle.

He said many of the skills he learned working on games could be put to use designing CGI buildings and landscapes.

He now provides the service for businesses who want to create a virtual representation of their products and projects.

“I was studying video game design and I specialised in game level design,” said Patrick.

“There isn’t really a video game scene in here in Cumbria, but I noticed there weren’t really any CGI companies.”

Patrick, 22, who is based in Haverthwaite, has set about filling this gap with work including creating computer simulations of playgrounds designed by nearby Playdale Playgrounds.

Other clients have included interior designer Astaura, based in Penrith, and Blueprint Subsea in nearby Low Wood.

“My main job is bringing people’s visualisations to life,” he said

Patrick said he can create landscapes reflecting how things will look in a variety of different lights, seasons and times of day.

He can either develop 3D models from scratch, or adapt 3D models that already exist. Patrick said he can also create 360 degree virtual reality tours of environments and buildings.

“It’s bringing a design to life, which is useful for marketing and raising funds because a lot of property developers are selling houses before they have been built,” he said.