REPORT of the Ingleton Rural Community Association Meeting held on 16 March 2020.

Swimming Pool Management announced the following a recent meeting it had been decided that entrance prices would increase this year.

The Gala plans are still going ahead at present.

The Easter Bingo will be cancelled in light of the current Covid-19 guidelines on larger gatherings.

The Theatre Group C. Lis reported that the Panto had seen good attendances but there may be a need to look at finances closely as a small loss has been made again this year. The jumble sale made £547.98.

B. MORPHET commented how fantastic the Pantomime was and congratulations

should be given for their professionalism.

IN BADMINTON Ethan Zahler and Jake Tilburn won the Boys Doubles Final and

Ethan won the Singles.

The B Team won the Hayhurst Cup in the Lancaster and Morecambe League.

FUNDING Grants, J. Lis reported some good news to lift the spirits – the I.R.C.A have been awarded a National Lottery Grant of £10000.00 towards the upgrade of the windows and doors.

The Swimming Pool have received a Harold Bridges Grant of £3000.00 towards the new boiler room roof.

THE CRICKET Club, Sheafstock due to held on Easter weekend has been cancelled.

COVID-19: J. Emsley from Ingleton Parish Council had taken a lead on this and had contacted the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, their advice was to follow government guidelines available online as the situation progresses.

He had spoken to Raj at Ingleton Pharmacy who was very willing to work with Ingleton Parish Council to facilitate the delivery of prescriptions.

Mr. Emsley reported on the possible mental health issues that could arise from social isolation and a plan was to be made to set up phone lines so people could chat to isolated people.

It was felt that it would be best if the I.R.C.A. and Ingleton Parish Council could work together to co-ordinate this effort. D. McGonnigal, J. Emsley and J. Lis would meet on Tuesday 17 March to set up an initial flyer asking for volunteers which could be co-ordinated from the Community Centre centrally and at weekends by J. Emsley and D. McGonnigal.

JUMBLE Sales, In light of the guidelines issued this evening regarding the avoidance of large events and groups of people, it was proposed to cancel all jumble sales until further notice as we have a responsibility to promote health, safety and welfare to all our users.

THE VE day celebrations have been cancelled.

The meeting was asked if the minutes could not be published until they had been approved at the next meeting either in the newspapers or the newsletter all were in favour except G. Gaunt.

She stated that she did not send the actual minutes to the newspapers, just a report so would it be ok to continue this?

The Chair agreed this would be fine and all agreed that it was just the minutes that should not be published in the newsletter.