With the country in lockdown, businesses are attempting to keep their customers near and far happy and positive throughout – and cinemas are no exception.

Community cinema scheme giant, Cine North, has taken its service to the web, offering people across the UK access to the films they love while in isolation.

The scheme typically coordinates screenings across the north of England in over 60 venues, and covers from East Riding of Yorkshire to the Cumbrian coast, giving even the most rural areas access to cinema, providing a much-needed community space on a regular basis.

And with village audiences ranging from 30 to over 100 cinema-goers, seeing almost 16,000 enjoying the events each year, many have been left disappointed and without entertainment during the coronavirus lockdown.

But Cine North isn't willing to let people down that easily.

Due to the restrictions around Covid-19, Eden Arts, the organisation behind Cine North, has created a 'digital community cinema’, programming films which are available to view for free on BBC iPlayer, All4, BFI player and more.

Film-lovers are invited to join the conversation on facebook to socialise, chat about the film or simply discuss the latest gossip.

Many venues usually programme a range of activities around their screenings such as quizzes, prize draws, intervals with ice-creams or a meal before the film, and it's this community connection which Cine North hope to continue via their online cinema.

Alongside streaming films, they will also be sharing themed recipes, and challenges and activities that people can complete together.

Adrian Lochhead, Director at Eden Arts said: "The Cine North scheme is all about communities coming together, it's not always the films that get these rural communities out of their houses and down to the village hall but the community around it.

"We wanted to be able to provide that same service and community space throughout these times."

Cine North are programming a schedule of two-to-three films each week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, with children's films also being scheduled on Sunday afternoons.

For more details and to join in the conversation on all-things-films, visit the Cine North Facebook page, or head to www.cinenorth.co.uk.