A BOOK charting the life story of one of Cumbria’s best-known broadcasters is due to be published in the coming weeks.

‘Life on the Mountains’ chronicles how the photographer and broadcaster Terry Abraham became one of Britain’s most renowned mountain filmmakers.

It details the story of Mr Abraham’s childhood in the East Midlands, the impact of family bereavements and job redundancy, among other life experiences, had on his progression as a broadcaster.

Now based in Cumbria, Mr Abraham is best known for his production work on the BBC documentary series ‘Life of a Mountain’. He also teaches at the University of Cumbria.

The book is illustrated with more than100 stunning photographs of the Lakeland landscape captured during the making of the BBC series.

He said: “The Lake District National Park is adored by millions of people across the globe.

“I take both solace and pride in how its wonderful landscapes have helped me over the decades and continue to do so.

“In the book I share many of the ups and downs, obstacles and difficulties I’ve had to overcome in both my personal life and in producing a series of documentaries about three iconic Lake District mountains.”

‘Life on the Mountains’ is set to be published on May 9.