CUMBRIA'S Chamber of Commerce says it is continuing to push for more Government support for business as it tries to deal with coronavirus.

Chief executive Rob Johnston has been in regular contact with the Government lobbying on behalf of firms across the county.

"We've had conversations with Number 10 and we are still pushing for support for businesses, small businesses.

"One of the things we've been able to do is round the business survey. Well over 500 businesses feed into us and it is a large network of evidence that we can lobby Government with and have a real impact.

"Businesses gave us the feedback and we've managed to change a number of schemes. We have got the schemes going in the first place and we have managed to change the way they are implemented."

Mr Johnston and the chamber have identified one area they feel needs more support.

"We are continuing to push for 'new starter' businesses. Those are businesses where people took the step to start up businesses and there is no support for them and they are a key part of our economy.

"Small businesses grow and turn into medium-sized businesses and employ more people."