There are two schools of thought when it comes to public messaging - either the public lacks common sense, and needs to be told exactly how to behave, or the public can be trusted, and must never be patronised.

The coming week will be a test of both theories.

The Government’s admittedly vague messaging seems to assume people fall into the latter category.

However, recent examples noted in the pages of this paper might show the opposite to be the case.

Every week, we report how Cumbria Police has stopped yet more and more individuals journeying to the Lake District from the far flung regions of the UK.

As of yesterday, people are now allowed to spend more time outdoors.

They will be able to go to parks and beaches to sunbathe, have a picnic and go fishing.

Outdoor sports courts can reopen, including tennis and basketball courts as well as golf courses.

People will also be able to see one person from another household, as long as they follow social distance guidance.

The change in policy follows scientific advice that the risk of infection outside is significantly lower than inside, the Government said. However, all of the new regulations are subject to social distancing rules.

People in England can spend more time outdoors and enjoy a wider range of activities for any length of time, subject to social distancing rules.

People and their households can relax in the park, sunbathe, go for a picnic and go fishing.

They can also spend time with one member of another household, one-on-one, as long as they adhere to strict social distancing guidelines at all times, staying two metres apart.

What these new measures do not signal, however, is permission to return to normal life.

They are a gradual easing of lockdown guidelines and are still quite restrictive.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Lake District is not just an open field in which to exercise - it is fraught with danger and those who endanger themselves on the fells or in the Lakes are also endangering the mountain rescue teams and emergency services which may have to save them.

So please, be sensible with the new guidelines.