AN ULVERSTON town councillor has revealed he has been targeted by scam callers operating in another part of the county.

Norman Bishop-Rowe, Conservative councillor for the south ward of the town and a resident of Sands Road, said the callers rang his home yesterday morning just before nine o’clock.

He told The Gazette: “I received a phone call at 8:56 this morning - which, as you can imagine, firstly, I wasn’t very happy about as it was before nine on a bank holiday.

“The person on the line purported to be from HMRC. He told me if I didn’t provide details I’d be served with a hefty fine.

“I know a woman in a neighbouring Furness town who was recently defrauded of £4,000 and also that a company in Ulverston recently lost several thousands of pounds to similar scam callers.

“So I’m certainly not the first to be targeted in the area.”

Cllr Bishop-Rowe urged residents to be vigilant and to refer any suspicious calls like it to the authorities.

“It’s a Carlisle number,” he said. “I’ve reported it to Action Fraud and the police and I’d advise others to do so.”