A CAMPAIGN to save a pub from coronavirus ruin has already raised more than £1000.

Paul Gaskell decided to create a crowdfunder page for the Punch Bowl in Kendal, to help out his childhood friend David Hall who has run the pub with his family for 10 years.

Like many hospitality businesses the pub has experienced great struggle during the pandemic.

With rent still having to be paid and debts increasing whilst the business is shut, the establishment is facing an uncertain future.

“I’d seen that David had been struggling with the pub and it had to close down, and unfortunately the brewery is still charging rent and there are all the other bills,” said Mr Gaskell.

“I wanted to help keep his head above water. The longer it goes on it becomes more of a worry for them as to whether they’ll even survive and be able to open.

“He has always been a big supporter of local charities and it’s a big part of the village. It was a surprise, I knew if I asked him he’d say no - when I did speak to him after he said there were other companies and people equally deserving.”

Mr Hall said: “It’s not an easy job but we love it."

"At the moment it is even more hard. We have got the worry of how do we pay these bills?

“It has got to the point now where it’s on the edge of not being a viable business. If we don’t get some serious help soon then the pub probably won’t reopen.”

The brewery which owns the building has encouraged Mr Hall to take out a government Business Bounce Back Loan to pay the rent. But he has said this would be unaffordable in the long term.

“Per month it would add an extra five or six hundred pounds to the running costs of the business,” he said.

Mr Hall has been greatly touched by the support the crowdfunder has received

“It really is a community place, they’re fantastic,” he said.

“The most special part of the crowdfunder wasn’t the amount of money people were giving, it was the lovely things people were saying in the comments, it helps you get through the day."

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