A relaxing of some lockdown guidelines is not signal to relax completely.

As we report on page seven of today’s The Mail, Boris Johnston has announced that non-essential retailers will be allowed to reopen in England from June 15.

Outdoor markets and car showrooms will be able to reopen from June 1.

This slight relaxing of lockdown restrictions should not be met with a complete abandonment of reason - in fact, social distancing, hygiene and shielding the vulnerable become even more important as some restrictions are lifted.

The ability to shop safely relies on each and everyone of us taking the virus seriously, and maintaining proper distancing and hygiene while out and about.

Aside from the risk of contracting and passing the virus on to your loved ones, a failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in lockdown once again being tightened.

Please also bear in mind that businesses owners and retail staff will likely be very anxious about their stores reopening - the most we can do to reassure them is to show them as much respect, courtesy and willingness to follow the rules as possible.

There may be light at the tunnel - but racing towards it will not bring about the end of restrictions to our day to day lives, it may in fact do the opposite.

Furthermore, the apparent relaxing of restrictions for a certain senior public servant is not a signal for the rest of us to begin acting irresponsibly.

Barnard Castle may not be too far from Kendal but there are many high quality, specialist eye opticians in south Cumbria that can be relied upon to test your eyesight much better, and more safely, than a car trip.

All in all, being conscious of the coronavirus and taking responsibility for halting the spread will become our new normal for the foreseeable future.

Because of this, the easing of some guidelines must never be taken as a signal that the threat is over, or even diminished in some way, and there is always the risk lockdown could be tightened if infections increase.

We are most likely 18 months or so away from a vaccine - until then it is likely restrictions will continue in some for or another.