SOUTH Lakes law firm Thomson Hayton Winkley has announced the appointment of two new directors.

Kate Seymour and Stephen Greenwood join existing directors John Cooke and Simon Theobald.

Their appointments were said to have taken place days before the lockdown was introduced.

Director John Cooke said: “Coincidentally, both Simon and I became ill with suspected Covid 19 at the time when the lockdown started and we were both at our homes feeling really unwell.

"Kate and Stephen stepped into the breach straightaway, and working with our fantastic practice manager, Alison Hine, made all the necessary arrangements so that the business could continue during the coronavirus crisis."

The pair have worked at the firm, which has offices in Grange, Kendal and Windermere and Kirkby Lonsdale, for a combined 17 years.

Simon Theobald said: "We are all looking forward to getting back together again as soon as the government restrictions start to lift."