CONSTRUCTION has begun on a new Porsche showroom outside Over Kellet.

The appropriately named Electric Drive garage is scheduled to be completed in July 2021 and building work has already commenced.

The move represents significant investment and confidence in the future at a time when the Porsche brand is broadening its product portfolio to include the first all-electric sports car from the iconic Stuttgart manufacturer.

Regarding the move, Ian Parker, son of the founder Jim Parker, said: “After 60 wonderful years at our current location proudly representing Porsche, we have simply run out of space to support the model range of cars and services that will be available from Porsche in the future.

“The decision to move (from Kendal) has been carefully considered for many years, and we make this important step now so we can continue to provide our best support to the Porsche brand, my team and most importantly our customers. We are excited to be staying in the area and building a future for Porsche in the Lake District community.”

Councillor Jim Grisenthwaite described the Porsche development as ‘inward investment of the right kind’.

Jim said: “We were very supportive of the proposal when it was first made. As it was such a prestigious name it was right up our street, and especially if it brings employment to Carnforth.

“The public reception was largely positive. There were some people in Over Kellet who weren’t very keen on the idea, but I think generally speaking the reaction has been very good.

“It took a long time to make a start on building because they had to secure a de-classification of the A601M stretch of road connecting Kellet road to the junction. As it was classified as a stretch of motorway, they had to make provisions in order to be able to build there.

“The planning authority that gave permission for the building of the garage is Lancaster City Council, but it was the highways authority who had to give permission for the de-classification of the road.

“It’s taken a bit longer than the people at Porsche wanted but at least it’s happening now.

“I think some people in Over Kellet just don’t see much benefit from this, but it is a big thing for the area.”