Q: Should I still attend A&E – I don’t want to bother them?

A: Yes, if it is something you should appropriately attend the Emergency Departments with, you should still attend.

The Emergency Departments at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and at Furness General Hospital are there for people who are suffering from genuine life-threatening emergencies.

These can include: loss of consciousness; acute confused state and fits that are not stopping; chest pain; breathing difficulties; severe bleeding that cannot be stopped; severe allergic reactions; severe burns or scalds; stroke; major trauma, such as a road traffic accident.

Trauma where there is a concern of a broken bone or a cut that will likely need suturing.

We recognise that this list does not include all conditions that may need attention in the Emergency Department.

We will always see anyone who is or believes themselves to be seriously ill or injured.

However, if you are uncertain then you should contact NHS 111 service and they will help to signpost you to the most appropriate service.

Q: What other services are there for me if I need medical help?

A: There are a number of ways to access help.

First, can you treat your illness or injury yourself? Keeping a good first aid kit at home is a good starting point.

Keep plasters, painkillers, and anti-septic spray in a safe place so you can access it quickly if you need it.

If you are not sure what to use your local community pharmacy can help. Visit and explain your symptoms, or show them to the pharmacist and they will help to give you advice.

If you are genuinely unsure about which way to turn you can contact the NHS 111 service. They will ask you about your symptoms and details and tell you the best service that can help you.

Your local GP practice is always there to help. If you visit their website they will tell you how they are organising their services and they will have lots of useful information there.

If they can help they may ask you to carry out a phone or video consultation or they may wish to see you face to face.

If it’s a life-threatening emergency the Emergency Departments at your local hospital can help, but they are there for those life-threatening emergencies.

Please use your services wisely and they will be there for you.