IN A village in India there lived a young girl.

Her job was to collect water for her family.

She had two pots for the water.

She had a red one and a blue one.

Sadly, the Blue Pot was cracked and some of the water leaked.

The girl filled up both pots, but when she got home she noticed something.

The Blue Pot was only two thirds full.

This upset the Blue Pot.

He said: “I don’t know why you bother with me.

“I can’t do my job properly.

"You might as well throw me away.”

The girl smiled to the Blue Pot

“Well,” she said, “the next time we’re walking home, you must watch where we walk together.”

The next day, as the girl carried the pots to the village to get more water.

The Blue Pot looked out to see what she had meant.

On his side of the path there was a mass of beautiful flowers all around.

On the other side there was only grass.

Later the girl asked him what he had seen.

He told her.

He said he had seen beautiful flowers along where they had walked.

The girl smiled.

“I planted the seeds that grew into those flowers,” she said.

“I knew that you were leaking, so I made use of your weakness.

The flowers grew so beautifully because of those drops of water.

Each day, I collect some of those flowers and put them in a vase.

They make the room look and smell wonderful.

You are not useless!

The crack in your side is something I can use to help others.

And to make the world a better place, I can even use your faults to help.”

And the Blue Pot smiled.

Graham Ransome

Superintendent Minister

South Lakes Methodist Circuit