For most people, the lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic acted as a means of keeping them out of harm’s way.

Kath Teasdale, however, knew that would mean being away from her husband Clive, a resident of Heron Hill Care Home in Kendal, so she had the perfect way of continuing to see him while also providing help for the staff working there; she moved in.

Mrs Teasdale moved from her home across town to provide volunteer work to support the care home’s workers and stayed in residence during the lockdown so she didn’t risk spreading the virus.

During the last three months, she has put everyone else’s needs above hers and is known for always having a smile on her face even when she’s going through a hard time herself.

Team leader Jamie Chacko, who has worked at the home for 18 months, said: “Kath had a decision to make because she wasn’t happy about not being to come in and see her husband as that would have meant months on end.

“She made the decision to move into the care home and work as a volunteer. She has been basically spending her quarantine in the care home, helping out in the dining room and supporting all the staff. She’s been absolutely brilliant.”

As she couldn’t leave the care home, Mrs Teasdale has been having her own shopping delivered by friends and family, while she potentially put her own health at risk, as care homes have been vulnerable to COVID-19.

Her kind and understanding nature has meant she’s also been a sounding board for any of the staff members’ problems.

Jamie said: “We’ve had to isolate the residents quite a bit so what Kath has done is help out in the dining room, serving the food and things like that.

“She’s had to wear the same protection as the rest of us - PPE, and so on - but she’s amazing for wanting to make herself useful instead of staying at home.”

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