This week we talk babies – lemur babies to be precise.

This summer has seen a lemur baby boom here at South Lakeland Safari Zoo, with 21 born since March.

This week, we visited the ruffed babies, born to mums Browse and Tiana, for a health check and to microchip them.

All animals born here at the zoo are microchipped as a way of identification, just like your pet dog or cat.

First up were four-year-old Tiana’s twins, born on April 20, followed by 17-year-old Browse’s triplets, who we welcomed into the world on April 17.

Michael, our senior keeper, is also a registered veterinary nurse and so he carries out procedures like microchipping onsite, this time helped by animal manager Kim.

The kids are preparing to be allowed outdoors now they are plenty big enough to fend for themselves, so the next step is for them to learn which branches will hold their weight – to stop any surprise falls when they are in the great outdoors.

Keeper Saskia added branches of a variety of thicknesses, that naturally occur in the World Wide Safari here at the zoo, for the kids to explore on and learn what they will be able to (successfully) walk and play on.

Elsewhere in the zoo this week, our office team were busy sourcing prices and materials for the final phase of the outdoor Meerkat enclosure.

Over at Red Panda Haven, we celebrated red panda Tink’s fifth birthday, happy birthday gorgeous little one!

Carnivore keeper Jonah treated resident giant otters Carlos and Tupi to their very own floatation device, which was made entirely from used plastic bottles and recycled materials.

Finally, reindeer duo Cinnamon and Treacle enjoyed a game of football.

As always we thank you all for your support.