THE family of a grandad who was attacked and ‘dragged on the floor’ by a dog is calling for justice.

Sarah Turner, 41, from Dalton, said her dad was ‘still having flashbacks’ from the attack which left him and his border collie with numerous injuries.

Edmund Turner, 82, was walking his beloved Saffy down Wakefield Street, Askam, when he spotted two lurchers ‘fiercely barking’ from across the road.

One of the dogs broke free from their collar chain and headed for Saffy before Mr Turner intervened.

Mr Turner was 'dragged across the road' and rushed to accident and emergency at Furness General Hospital.

Ms Turner said: “His thumbnail has been ripped off and splintered the bone where the tooth has gone in.

“He’s in a lot of pain. He went down with some force."

Saffy was also forced to attend the emergency vets where she underwent surgery.

Ms Turner said her dad has ‘not slept properly’ since the attack.

She said: “The first night he had flashbacks when he closed his eyes. It’s not fair he’s suffering the consequences of this.

“They should have the muzzles on or some sort of suitable lead - it’s irresponsible.

“Somebody needs to be held responsible for what’s happened.”

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police on 101.