A MUM, whose symptoms of Covid-19 were so severe she thought she would die, is still suffering the impact of the virus four months later.

Amy Parsons first experienced symptoms of coronavirus in April including a headache, breathlessness and a fever.

The next couple of days the mum-of-one deteriorated even further until she needed emergency hospital care.

The 26-year-old said: “I was petrified. I tried to tell my partner I was going to die and what I wanted him to tell my son.

“I kept looking at my son and telling myself I had to keep fighting, I had to do it for him.

“I felt and heard a rattle on my chest. When I was in bed I felt like I was too scared to go to sleep in case I didn’t wake up.

“I was scared and alone on my own in hospital. The doctor at the hospital told me I wouldn’t have Covid-19 because my oxygen levels were not concerning.

“I felt a sudden relief thinking it would just be a bug and it would pass by.

“They tested me anyway and told me I had had an asthma attack, which I haven’t suffered with since a child.

“A chest X-Ray was carried out which showed I had a chest infection, so they sent me home with antibiotics and steroids.”

Despite returning home from the hospital, Miss Parson’s health continued to worsen.

The community support worker,who lives in Ulverston, said: “My health carried on getting worse over the next coming days, then the day came and my results came back positive for Covid-19.

“I carried on fighting through at home with my family. I then thought I was improving a week later on the Saturday and I felt back to myself until the night came and my temperature raised to 42.1.

“I was shaking, sweating and shivering. I was freezing but I felt like I was burning to touch, I got rushed in to hospital again with suspected sepsis.

“I was straight in an IV drip, oxygen and nebulisers - the rest of the night was a blur.”

Miss Parson’s results came back negative for sepsis but positive for three other infections.

Despite the serious symptoms of Covid-19 subsiding, Miss Parsons said she was not back to her ‘normal self’ and the virus has ‘destroyed her health’.

She said: “I always thought it would never get me or my loved ones but it did. I was always cautious I wore the correct PPE all the time.

“ I was always washing my hands and keeping clean, but I still contracted the virus and I feel it has destroyed my health.

“I’ve now had to take time off work due to the ongoing affects 15 weeks later.

“I am suffering asthma attacks, I have scarring on my lungs from the attack.

“The doctors are keeping a close eye on me but I don’t feel back to my normal self.

“I have no energy and just want to sleep all the time. My immune system has been weakened so now I have to take the time to strengthen myself.

“I can’t walk 25 meters without getting out of breath. This has led to anxiety as I can’t do normal daily tasks.

“I can’t join in with my son running around the garden or the park and I feel guilty because of this.

“Even though Covid has tried to destroy me I feel grateful to still be here to tell the story, however, I feel absolutely heartbroken for those and their families who lost their battle to the virus.

“I’ve heard people who are suffering or who have suffered with the virus have all been affected in different ways. Some have gone back to work after a week and are fine and others have had to take extra time off work with long term effects.”

Miss Parsons is urging anyone with symptoms to get checked and remain vigilant of your health.

She said: “My heart goes out to those who have lost their lives and if I could raise any awareness it would be to always be checked and tested - follow your gut instinct.

"The first step towards change is to follow awareness keep yourself and your families safe and supported.

“I am thankful to my family for the support and courage to keep fighting, my partner for saving my life and my son for giving me the strength to keep going.”