CARTMEL saw a new bridge laid out over the river following plans five years in the making.

The construction of the new footbridge took place on July 15, across the Eea Ford.

The new bridge was placed by the King’s Arms pub and linked it with the Rogan and Co restaurant on the other side of the Eea.

The planning, preparation and consultation for the new bridge took five years to complete by the Parish Council.

Proposed and completed in partnership with the Cartmel Township Initiative, the project has endured a long journey through planning consent, and agreements of United Utilities, Environment Agency, County Highways and statutory undertakers as well as obtaining grants from South Lakeland District Council and Cumbria County Council.

Additional funding from the Parish, Cartmel Village Society, businesses, and residents has helped ensure completion of this milestone project.

Lower Allithwaite Parish Council historic files also indicate how a permanent pedestrian bridge was proposed to celebrate the Queen’s 25th Jubilee in 1977 but, in spite of significant planning preparation, failed to get off the drawing board.

Older Cartmel residents can remember when ships’ gangplanks were borrowed from Barrow docks to provide a temporary pedestrian crossing for race day crowds in the village. As Covid-19 restrictions ease, resurfacing of the adjacent roads will be carried out by County Highways. A formal opening will be held soon.