CUMBRIAN-based event companies have spoken out on the day of the event industry's UK-wide Red Alert campaign.

The industry is now issuing a ‘Red Alert’ with many freelancers, promoters, event firms and live event staff come together to shed light on an industry which is set to collapse if no Government support is provided soon.

Events and festivals were cut off in March when the pandemic was peaking, and the industry fears normality may not return until early spring 2021, with many freelancers and sole traders now having no income at all, wondering what is next.

Damo Hartshorn, technical director of Barrow based BlackFX, said: “The event industry is important, many don’t realise the army of people involved in a concert or festival they attend. These events employ thousands of freelancers and sole traders every year and not just in the summer season either.

“Spreading the word is really important, in order to get the attention of the central Government to provide advice and support as soon as possible, for those with no income at all.”

The industry is calling on the Government for more grants to be made available to all businesses in the events supply chain, professionals are also calling for the furlough scheme to be extended and an extension to the self-employment scheme.

Oliver Hodgson, managing director Platinum Live Ltd, said: “The events industry is a phenomenal, exciting and modern industry to work in, but right now we need support both for companies and individuals new and old. Everyone loves going to watch their favourite artist or attend their local festivals, but little do they know currently the thousands of people who make that concert happen are now completely out of work and the date of return is unknown.”

Chris Edgar, Owner of Balance Pro Audio, said: "We need urgent action. The Covid-19 crisis has devastated the whole music & live events sector. It feels like so many talented people are being forgotten about and if government support doesn’t come soon we’ll be at risk of losing many important crew members for good.

"We need music and events to maintain our social and cultural wellbeing, live music and events will form part of a healthy future for everyone and we need help soon before more people get left behind!"