At the start of the year no one would have thought that in six months time everyone in the country would have to wear a mask.

But here we are, that is the reality, and for the most part people accept and get on with it.

Being made to wear a mask isn't the Government exercising its power for no reason. We're being asked to wear them for our safety but more importantly other people's as well.

You get the minority moaning about them, such as a select few in London who decided to protest over wearing them. I doubt social distancing was on the cards at that protest.

But it is largely accepted they need to be worn in certain areas and people are abiding by that.

However, what people cannot understand or get their head around is the the guidance, the goalpost changing and just the confusion surrounding wearing a cloth over your mouth.

You don't have to wear one in a pub, but then go into the shop next door with less people and you have to have one on.

The confusion has gone on and on about where and when you should and shouldn't wear them.

And the latest u turn and mixed messages have come just weeks before children go back to schools.

You'd like to think that with the Government sending children back to the classroom after six months away, all schools are going to be safe.

But now the Government has made a big u turn by declaring that children at schools in high risk areas are going to have to wear masks in corridors.

The establishment has also given the power to headteachers to change mask rules in their schools if they wish.

If this move does anything it adds to the anxiety of children and parents in those areas.

They will now be questioning whether it is in fact safe to go back to school.

And overall it just adds to the confusion that has surrounded the wearing of masks. We're told people need to wear them in shops or they face fines. But you see some people freely walking around without them on.

Who would have thought that a small piece of cloth over your mouth could cause such a massive confusion.