A MOTORCYCLIST has thanked the air ambulance charity which saved his life after he was catapulted off his bike.

Alex Rose, 25, from Preston was out on his motorbike riding between Slaidburn and Devil’s Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale in March last year when he fell off his bike and landed into an iron fence in a nearby field.

The accident left him with three broken back bones, a fractured sternum, bruised lungs and a painful gash along his arm.

Paramedics from the North West Air Ambulance Charity (NWAAC) were able to stabilise Mr Rose at the scene to ensure no further damage was done – his broken back bones had missed his spinal cord by just 1mm.

They administered pain relief before carefully airlifting him to the Royal Preston Hospital in ten minutes for scans and further treatment.

Mr Rose was miraculously discharged four days later, despite his initial extensive injuries. He has thanked the NWAAC for saving his life.

He said: "Being in such a remote spot, which was difficult to reach by car, I’m sure I wouldn’t have recovered as quickly as I did without their care, they were amazing. They knew exactly how to handle me and get me the treatment I needed as quickly as possible. I don’t know whether I would be fighting fit today without the charity.”

Just a few months after his accident, Mr Rose asked for donations in lieu of birthday presents, raising over £400.

He said: “I just wanted to do anything to say thank you and give back, and be there for other people who might be in my position one day. I’m hoping to do more fundraising going forward.”