As a regular visitor to Cartmel I am disappointed to see the two major landmarks of the village closed with no apparent knowledge amongst the locals of their future opening plans, namely the Kings Arms and the Royal Oak.

It is great to see every other business putting Covid secure measures into place and getting up and running again, but the village is definitely damaged by the absence of the two pubs.

It seems that their continued closure is also putting undue pressure on the remaining pubs that are small family run businesses that have restricted areas.

The Royal Oak has a very large, family friendly beer garden that would provide welcome additional capacity. I have asked other business owners in the village of the plans but in what is a small family community village it is surprising that no one knows what is happening. Cartmel is a great village welcoming locals and visitors alike but if visitors see the two major landmarks closed then word will spread that Cartmel is closed for the foreseeable future.

Mike Thornton, Cotgrave