After all the protests by XR I found it interesting that one of the people arrested was a woman who gave her address as a squat in London.

What intrigued me the most was according to an article in The Times (Tuesday September 8th) she had nine children!

What moral compass was she employing when castigating ordinary people who are trying to get by in these challenging times, overpopulation is contributing to climate change as much as anything else, most of the earths resources are not infinite!

Extinction will occur at some point in the earths future, whether man made or by natural processes. For all human beings to act responsibly is asking too much, witness the rush for people to travel by air or road as soon as there was a whiff of freedom!

The increase in emissions from covid lockdown to post lockdown was a staggering reflection on what many people want, freedom to go about their daily lives as before covid!