A SOUTH Lakeland pub owner said the suggestion that the district could face tougher lockdown measures in future was ‘concerning’ but vowed: “We’re going to get through this.”

Vincent Gregg, who owns The Crafty Baa in Windermere alongside son Ben and wife Lisa, said: “Of course it’s concerning, like all the businesses, there’s such a lot to lose.

“If we had to go to a higher-tier, then that would put more strain on us, just like every other business.”

He felt the current 10pm ‘curfew’ on pubs and restaurants, which has been criticised as counter-productive in some quarters, had brought benefits and helped to reduce the spread of the virus.

He said people tended to become more intoxicated as the hour became later and were perhaps more inclined to forget about social-distancing rules.

“(The rule) has affected the takings.

“But losing some takings and being able to stay open through the day and part of the evening is better than having to close permanently.”

He said the Government had been ‘supportive’ of the hospitality industry during the pandemic, describing measures such as the furlough scheme and rate relief as ‘very beneficial’.

Despite the threat to his business during the pandemic, Mr Gregg maintained a positive outlook and said he did not allow himself to worry too much.

He vowed: “We’re going to get through this. All we’ve got to do is work together as a nation.”