Nowadays few will disagree with issues regarding climate change as outlined once again by the leader of the SLDC (letter 8 October).

In the present pandemic however, it should not be used as a tool to bash any proposal which does not fit the 'green' agenda.

The example of the approval of a new coal-mine in Whitehaven is a case in point. The planning application was subject to rigorous and scrupulous scrutiny, including significant local opposition, and the decision to allow the development was reached according to the law.

I fear Mr. Archibald oversteps his remit by demanding government intervention at a national level on a matter far from the boundaries of SLDC territory.

The general population does not always take kindly to being preached to: the leader may think it acceptable to demand we all "need to take action" ( details not specified) but with the current economic and unemployment devastation how do you sell the idea to Anne from Applethwaite or Harry from Holker who no longer have a job, face an uncertain future and may well have been impacted by the Covid virus?

Cumbria County Council should be praised for its determination to create significant new employment.

With due respect, Mr Archibald and his council colleagues should for the foreseeable future be focusing entirely upon the communities they purport to represent, with the objective of mitigating the bi-products of recession, trying to save existing jobs and assisting in creating new ones wherever possible.

Mr P. Hordijon

High Oak

Laverock Hill


Kendal LA8 9EP