Nearly 30 people accused of being rule-breakers during the first lockdown are due to have their cases dealt with by magistrates today in a Carlisle court.

Most defendants – who come from across Cumbria and outside the county – were allegedly found during the last lockdown at premises outside their home, according to prosecutors. Some allegedly attended illegal gatherings.

The hearing is scheduled today at the city’s Rickergate Magistrates’ Court. There are 28 people accused of offences, including:

  • Melissa Howlett, 29, of Coniston Road, Whitehaven: accused of participating in a public gathering of more than two people in Whitehaven on May 5;
  • Thomas Cayne, 19, of Coalfell Avenue, Carlisle; accused of breaching the lockdown movement restriction on May 9 by being in a place other than his home address and not permitted by the coronavirus restrictions;
  • Ashley Lewis Crowe, 20, of Crosthwaite Court, Workington: accused of participating in an illegal public gathering in Cockermouth on May 23;
  • Richard Ian Sawczuk, 33, of Webster Crescent, Carlisle: accused of being in a property in Lund Crescent, Carlisle, in breach of lockdown restrictions;
  • Matthew Turnbull, 27, of St Mungo’s Park, Aspatria: accused of breaching the restrictions on May 30 by visiting Keswick with no reasonable excuse;
  • Marilyn Williams, 31, of Brunswick Street, Carlisle: accused of flouting the restrictions by visiting Coniston on May 17 with no reasonable excuse;
  • Kemeron Bradley Woodridge, 19, of Acredale Road, Carlisle: accused of illegally participating in an illegal gathering in a public place of more than two people in Carlisle in breach of the regulations;
  • Sarah Helen Quayle, 38, of Lakeland Avenue, Whitehaven: accused of breaching the regulations on May 28 in Whitehaven by participating in a public gathering of more than two people;
  • Sarah-Jayne Middleton, 45, of Fleswick Avenue, Whitehaven: accused of taking part in an illegal public gathering in Whitehaven on May 28;
  • Chantelle Brown, 29, of Nicholas Terrace, Newlaithes, Carlisle: accused of being at a place in Carlisle not permitted by the regulations.

There are also defendants from Southport, Liverpool, Halifax, Blackpool, Sunderland, Northampton, Morecambe, York, and Dumfries.