Kendal residents, visitors and businesses have rallied together to support the town's Citizens’ Jury.

In 14 days, a second Crowdfunder campaign raised £2,050 from 58 committed supporters.

This money will be combined with an extra £2,000 from Kendal Town Council.

In addition to this, South Lakeland District Council have also allocated £2,000 from its Climate Change Community Fund to launch the next phase of the project.

Kendal’s Citizens’ Jury are currently tasked with tackling climate change in the town.

Work is currently underway to establish a task force challenged with ensuring recommendations have the best possible chance of coming into action.

Kendal Town Clerk and Chair of the Recommendations Task Force Chris Bagshaw said: “We are thrilled with the response to our second Crowdfunder campaign and are grateful to our colleagues at South Lakeland District Council for their ongoing commitment.

“The additional funding will be instrumental in ensuring the resources and dedication that has gone into Citizens’ Jury.

“Citizens’ Jury is honoured and that the project results in positive change for Kendal.”

Kendal-based film company Land and Sky has been commissioned to create a short film to promote the Jury’s recommendations and inspire change.

The recommendations and film will be launched publicly early in the new year.

Private screenings will be hosted with stakeholders and committed organisation to discuss what action can be taken.

The funding raised will create an opportunity for jury members to be part of the next phase and to join the ongoing discussions.

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