ANIMAL lovers have been left delighted after numerous sightings of otters in the River Kent.

Their playful watery antics have given much-needed cheer to passersby and have brought some welcome relief from the worries of the second national lockdown.

Readers have sent us their fantastic pictures in droves, with snapshots capturing swimming otters, feasting otters and otters who know they're being papped.

Edward Wilkinson, from Kendal, has been taking pictures of the carnivorous mammals for a few months.

He said he had decided to look for the otters in March when the first national lockdown began.

"I first started looking for the otters in March when lockdown started," he said.

"I had just started photography again in March time.

"And the first time I saw them it was just fantastic to see them in the Kent."

The Westmorland Gazette:

Another member of the public who was left amazed by the otters' exciting appearance was Jade Screen, also from Kendal, who was able to share the special experience with her young son.

"Our four-year-old son was absolutely thrilled to see an otter," she said.

"He has never seen one before and I personally have never seen one in the Kent before."

Corrin Mason, from Kendal, also managed to capture a mischievous pair.

Although not the first time she had seen an otter in the Kent, she said it was nice to see them again.

"This picture was taken last week," she said.

"It was lovely to see them again and to see all the other great otter shots people are getting."

Another lucky otter spotter was David Cousins, whose gorgeous snaps showed a pair of otters swimming and firmly holding on to their dinner.

The Westmorland Gazette:

Meanwhile footage of two otters grappling with a huge fish also caused a stir this week after it was shared by Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

The video was sent into the organisation by a Kendal resident, who captured the otters competing against each other to claim the tasty prize.

The Westmorland Gazette: SWIMMING: Two otters on their daily exercise   Picture: David Cousins