AN INSURANCE business has kick-started a community initiative by donating free cups of coffee to people most in need.

Carlisle-based RAW Insurance has joined forces with Joey’s Cafe in Kendal to pay forward dozens of cups of coffee.

The Pay with a Post-It initiative is open to anyone who has hit tough times during the Covid-19 pandemic and would benefit from a small act of kindness.

Customers who have lost their job or fallen on hard times can take a Post-It note from the board in the cafe and exchange it for a free cup of coffee.

Russell Linton, who is an account executive with RAW Insurance, said the initiative aimed to help people who would appreciate a small act of generosity.

Russell commented: “We wanted to show our support for the community during this difficult time and felt this was a good way to reach out to people.

“It’s very much a partnership between Joey’s Cafe and ourselves and we hope that it will encourage others to donate a cup of coffee to a stranger as well.”

People can join the initiative by paying ahead for a cup of coffee and leaving a message of support on a Post-It note on the cafe’s board.

Joey’s Cafe, which is based at Castle Mills, has been open for takeaways throughout the pandemic, serving customers seven days a week.

Cafe owner, Joe Beaumont, said: “The Pay with a Post-It initiative is something which I have been wanting to do for a while.

"It allows people to benefit from a simple act of kindness without anyone asking any questions or knowing why they need it. It’s a small gesture which we hope will act as an incentive for other people to pay forward a cup of coffee, if they can afford to and would like to help.”

Carlisle-based RAW Insurance recently expanded into Kendal and the South Lakes, with Russell Linton heading up the south Cumbrian office.