KENDAL BID calls for consumers to use their time and money wisely and make the most of the opportunities provided to them as restrictions are lifted.

As lockdown comes to an end, Kendal businesses are looking forward to trading once more under less restrictions.

Kendal BID are calling for customers to take advantage of the opportunities.    

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “The simple fact is we have to obey what the government is telling us, and yes, it is not ideal for every sector. Certainly not ideal for pubs, restaurants, and gyms. But we have to try and work with what we’ve got.

“The fact that Pubs can open a bit, as we come up to Christmas means that there’s hope they can get through these terrible times.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen in January or next year.

“The only thing to do now is to support the businesses that can open. Which means we need to get people out there. They should stay safe, wear masks, stay away from others but get out there and support their high street, local business brands, as well as our town.

“The week of relaxation could be a great opportunity for businesses, but people still need to be sensible about things. Covid isn’t going anywhere yet so be safe and sensible.

“It doesn’t take Christmas off.

“What we need to hope for is that this bit of lockdown had the time to do what it could, and with news of a vaccine coming up the future is bright. But nobody knows for sure. There are so many pieces to fit together for this.

“In March we thought it’d be over in two weeks. We are still here.

“It’s the consumers who decide where the money will go.

“People have lost their jobs, and there is huge uncertainty in the job market.

“We need to think more long term, not just over the next two months.

“We’re seeing new businesses in the high street and we need to support them, so they stand a chance.

“If we just click everything online, we have no cause to complain if the high street isn’t there anymore.

“We need to put our money where our feet can go.

“It’s a proven fact the high street serves as both a social and mental support for our community.

“A downtrodden high street isn’t what places that prosper have.

“Interest rates are very low at the moment, so people are deciding its time to spend not save.

“Here at Kendal bid, we have given grants for businesses where we can. But its about the community as a whole that needs to be focused on.

“We cannot let Kendal die.”