H&H GROUP Webinar will be an Interactive & Digital Zoom Seminar featuring presentations from expert panellists in their field.

Phil Stocker, Chief Executive of National Sheep Association: “Overview of the Sheep Industry”

Phil Stocker is a leading voice on from the sheep farming industry and billed as the key note speaker. Known for his decades of experience in the sector and forward-thinking perspective, Phil will offer unique insights into the future including a focus on trade, exports and upland farming. Chief Executive of the National Sheep Association since 2011, Phil will bring an industry-wide view, and a strong history of practical expertise in aspects of farm management.

Scott Donaldson, Joint Managing Director of Harrison & Hetherington: “Livestock Trading after Brexit”

From the largest livestock trading business in the UK, Scott Donaldson will cover the issues speaking from his leadership position managing the livestock and agricultural marketing arm of the H&H Group. Based in Carlisle, Harrison & Hetherington operates 9 Auction markets across Cumbria, Co Durham, Northumberland, Dumfries & Galloway, and the Scottish Borders. Scott will share his perspective on what the scenario of livestock trading post-Brexit could look like. He will look at the potential pitfalls of a No Deal Brexit, the potential impact on commercial livestock farmers post Brexit and the potential difficulties which we may need to consider with the future trading and export of pedigree livestock.

David Morley, Conservation & Environment at H&H Land & Estates: “Preparing for ELMS and Future Policy”

David was appointed H&H’s first Environmental Advisor back in 2006, and his presentation will offer expert advice on new planning regulations and sustainability requirements. This intends to help the audience understand any new obligations or considerations for future development plans. David will also draw on his experience as an Environmental Surveyor and on-farm advisor to cover the necessary preparations for farmers in response to the phasing out of BPS and the introduction of ELMs, and what pipeline policy will mean for the agricultural sector.

Mark Walker, Land Director at Genesis Homes will discuss: “How to Get Britain Building”

Building on his two decades of experience buying, building, and improving homes and property, Mark Walker will share his reflections on the way to improve Britain’s planning and building context. From development schemes to luxury homes, Mark will touch on how to generate bricks and mortar assets, and help the audience consider their options and the planning implications of operating in the current environment.

Georgia Hunter, Cumbrian Farmer and Farming Futures Champion will look at farming today:“A Younger Generation Perspective”

Georgia Hunter is a welcomed voice on the panel with a lot of experience to share since her recent entry into the agricultural industry. Focusing on holistic and sustainable farming, and reflecting on the successful launch of her goat meat enterprise, Georgia will discuss how making farming fit for the future will very much depend on diversification and the inclusion of younger generation perspectives.