BRITAIN’S biggest family the Radfords revealed what they got for Christmas with their popular Christmas Day vlog.

The 22-strong brood, headed by mum Sue Radford, who went to the Queen Katherine School in Kendal, weas seen ripping open tonnes of presents on the family’s Youtube channel.

Opening the video is a charming scene of the youngsters eagerly congregating upstairs, having just woken up, and chatting excitedly about Father Christmas’ arrival with Sue saying: “I hope he didn’t knock any tiles off the roof.”

A large Christmas tree in the Morecambe-based family’s living room was host to piles upon piles of Christmas treats and the excited Radford children wasted no time in tearing open their presents.

Dolls, Nintendos, board games, dinosaur slippers, jewellery, Harry Potter merchandise and much much more were quickly uncovered, with the living room soon disappearing under a sea of wrapping paper.

The Westmorland Gazette: EXCITED: The Radfords ripping into their presentsEXCITED: The Radfords ripping into their presentsThe Westmorland Gazette: PRESENTS: Piles and piles of giftsPRESENTS: Piles and piles of gifts

The family's latest arrival, baby Heidi, was helped with opening her presents by one of her older sisters as Sue and Noel took it in turns capturing the organised chaos.

But it was not just the children who were spoiled this year, the video ended with Sue and Noel opening their presents from their children and each other.

Noel received gifts including a glasses stand, clothing and aftershave.

And Sue was very happy with a new hoover exclaiming: ""How many times have I been saying I wanted a Shark hoover?"

But the 45-year-old was ecstatic when she opened a very special gift from her husband, who gave her a new engagement ring.

Showing it to the camera Sue said: "Beautiful."

Noel said: "It's a new engagement ring as your other one broke".

Sue exclaimed"Noel, it's absolutely beautiful."

She immediately put the ring in position on her ring finger with her wedding band and continued to admire it throughout the last few moments of the vlog.

The Radfords have owned baking company Faraday’s in Heysham since 1999 and also run Radford’s Pie Company.

They shot to fame after appearing in documentary television programme ‘15 Kids and Counting’ on Channel 4, which gave an insight into their incredible lives.

Last year Sue vowed daughter Heidi would be the last addition to the Radford family saying: “Definitely no more for us, we are 100 per cent done."