• A reader's take on the Cumbrian coalmine controversy

Whilst Councillor Archibald continues in his laudable quest to save the world from global warming (‘Fears over global impact of mine,’ The Westmorland Gazette, Opinion, January 28), it is highly regrettable that he still endeavours to interfere in a decision made to construct a coal-mine at Whitehaven, over which he has no jurisdiction and which was decided legally and locally.

He lends his name in effect to an attempt to destroy potentially hundreds of new jobs, in the midst of a pandemic which has decimated local employment.

It is sad to see our local MP Mr Farron slavishly follow the SLDC leader on political grounds by seeking to influence the government and overturn the decision. One may in all seriousness ask why in future elections one should lend one’s vote to those who would seek to deprive others of employment?

Context is everything. So, one hopes Mr Archibald has drilled down into the detail and is also now challenging China, already the largest emitter of greenhouse gases. Is he even aware that China is permitted to increase emissions to a peak in 2030, and has a meaningless carbon-neutral target by 2060? Or that China exports pollution by having facilitated/ financed over 300 coal-mines in various foreign nations?

If he is, then he must surely accept that a small mine on the west coast of Cumbria really would have the most negligible impact when set against the current global position.


Mealbank, Kendal