FRUSTRATED residents have taken action against the increasing amount of dog fouling happening in their village.

Morgan Jones and Sarah Hayward from Burneside are mapping the areas where dog mess is being left in the village each week, as well as spray painting it so residents do not accidentally step in it.

Last month Ms Jones began putting up posters telling owners to clean up after their dogs, after a sign at a dog fouling hotspot seemed to work.

“I thought something had to be done,” said Ms Jones.

“Four weeks ago at Howgill Houses there were 17 piles of dog muck, so I spoke to residents and asked if they’d be prepared to have a sign go up.

“We’re now on week four and now there’s nothing.

“I thought I would put posters up around the whole village.”

Ms Hayward then began to use environmentally friendly paint to spray the mess and pinpoint where it was on maps.

These are being passed on to the village’s police community support officer (PCSO) and South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) as evidence.

“People are shocked with how much dog mess there is because now it’s sprayed pink you can see it,” said Ms Jones.

“I’m hoping with everybody talking about it, the spraying, the maps and the posters, that we’ll see a big difference.”

The campaign has been supported by Burneside Resident Association’s chair, Gayle Howarth, as well as St Oswald’s Primary School, with pupils creating posters, SLDC and the local PCSO.

“Over this last lockdown it’s been horrific,” said Ms Howarth.

“We’re seeing between 20 and 30 new poos left on pavements a week.

“The mums of the village are getting so sick of kids standing in it and prams getting pushed through it.

“Our PCSO, the school and John Barwise from SLDC have been absolutely amazing.”