AN MP has said he is 'horrified' that the Budget did not include a cash boost for cancer services.

Reacting to the Budget Tim Farron said the Government had failed to listen to clinicians, who say the country is in the 'biggest cancer crisis in their lifetimes.'

“I am astonished and horrified that this Budget does not contain a single penny for boosting cancer treatment and in fact the word ‘cancer’ isn’t even mentioned at all in the entire Budget document," he said.

“Leading clinicians say this is the biggest cancer crisis in their lifetimes, with an enormous backlog of patients missing out on life-saving treatment.

“Our cross-party campaign has been meeting with ministers on an almost monthly basis and practically begging them to act but they clearly just aren’t listening.

“As a result of the Government failing to listen and failing to invest in boosting treatment, we will unnecessarily lose tens of thousands of lives to this dreadful disease.”