AN EIGHTY-eight-year-old woman died days after a doctor misdiagnosed her condition, an inquest heard.

Edna Wilson was taken to hospital by an ambulance after she began to projectile vomit at her home on Longlands View, Kendal.

She was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI) by a doctor at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and sent home with antibiotics.

But days later she collapsed in front of her daughter as they awaited another ambulance and was unable to be revived.

A post-mortem report concluded that Mrs Wilson had died of aspiration pneumonia and a bowel obstruction.

Coroner Dr Nicholas Shaw said: "Poor Edna died of bowel obstruction and it is a particularly unpleasant way to pass away. It was right that she should have been seen to at the hospital. However, the hospital made the wrong diagnosis and treatment and Edna was allowed to go home with treatment that was ineffective for what she had wrong with her.

“Diseases inside the stomach and abdominal area would have required open surgery. It is very unlikely that she would’ve recovered well enough and she would have required long-term nurse care afterwards. At the age of 88 there are other doubts that she could have sustained such a procedure.

“However, it is very unsatisfactory that the last few day of her life ended this way. I offer my condolences to the family.”

The hearing heard in the days before her death Mrs Wilson had been ill and was projectile vomiting at her home.

On the evening of July 3 2020, concerned by her mother’s condition, her daughter Carolyn Shaw phoned 111 and requested an ambulance.

An ambulance arrived at the property where Mrs Wilson was taken to RLI.

Mrs Shaw was told not to follow the ambulance and stayed at the property.

Mrs Wilson, who suffered with dementia, was treated with morphine.

The inquest heard Mrs Shaw drove to the hospital that evening to collect her mother where she was given a bag of antibiotics for the UTI.

Despite taking the antibiotics, Mrs Wilson continued to suffer from stomach pains and was still projectile vomiting.

Mrs Shaw phoned the emergency services again on the evening of July 3 and requested an ambulance to the Kendal home.

With paramedics returning to the property, Mrs Wilson collapsed and died.